Legacy Weather station scripts

They're free, but use at your own risk

The scripts referenced here are used in the operation of this weather station, and may be freely copied and used to support your station. Please note that you use these scripts at your own risk. No warranty is expressed or implied. I accept no liability for any damages that may ensue from their use.
You will need to configure them for your own particular weather station website.
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A Version History is available -- check back from time to time to see if there are updates to scripts you have downloaded earlier. Announcements of version updates and new scripts are made on and Weather-Watch forums and saratogaWXPHP Twitter account as they become available.

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Legacy Weather PHP scripts

In the 10+ years I have been offering my scripts freely, there have been many others who did likewise with their weather-related scripts. That community effort is greatly appreciated by weather enthusiasts, and is what keeps this hobby a fun learning experience. Sometimes, authors of popular weather-related PHP scripts will decide to discontinue publishing/ongoing support for their effort due to personal reasons. That is a normal outcome of life's passage of time and the authors should not be expected to continue support indefinitely.

What I've tried to do here is to curate a selection of the most popular author-discontinued scripts that still have usefulness, to provide a common download point, and attempt to provide needed updates as PHP versions change over time. Where possible, I asked permission to do this from the original authors and they have agreed to allow me to offer this to the weather enthusiast community. Where contact was not available, the scripts are posted here as they existed in the last versions posted by the original authors using their original licensing information.

These scripts are offered as-is and peer support is available and should be requested on, or the Cumulus forum. The support can be provided there by the many enthusiasts who have previously installed/configured these scripts on their personal weather websites..

Anole's wxgraphic.php script

Larry Boyd (anole) wrote the highly popular wxgraphic script which creates a weather graphic (banner or stamp) with an image and current weather conditions. A sample is shown below and also on my weather graphics page.
Saratoga-WX banner
He discontinued his and websites when he moved July, 2017.
The last version of his script set was V6.3 - 25-Oct-2008.
Weather software supported: Weather-Display, WeatherLink, VWS, wview, WXSolution, wview32 (others if suitable stickertags template is used)
Requires: PHP V5.2+, GD Library (enabled on most PHP installations)

Download: ( instructions PDF)

Relayweather scripts

Michael Holden (mth) of wrote several popular scripts. He discontinued his script distribution and weather website

Acknowledgments: Special thanks go to Curly of Michiana Weather and to Murry Conarroe of Wildwood Weather for providing many tips and code snippets to educate me(mth) in the PHP scripting language. Without their kind help and assistance, none of these scripts would be possible. *The clientraw parser was originally by Valentinois and was modified for use with the Saratoga Template.

Script Version Date Download
CWOP Statistics Viewer 1.1 July 1, 2010 ZIP
(USA) Air Quality
2.0 July 11, 2010 ZIP
Clientraw Parser
(Weather-Display only* updated for PHP7+)
N/A February 19, 2008
(PHP7+ November 29, 2017)
Temperature and Rain Trending
(Weather-Display only)
1.0 January 20, 2010 ZIP
Weather "On This Day" US History 3.1 December 1, 2011 ZIP
World Weather 24 Hour Extremes Full Version 0.5 December 2, 2010 ZIP
World Weather 24 Hour Extremes Menubar Gadget 0.4 November 26, 2010 ZIP

Curly's scripts

Curly (of Michiana Weather/ wrote several popular scripts. He discontinued his script distribution and his weather website in 2017. His most popular script (nws-alerts) is included in the Saratoga template set. I've added distribution for the 'standalone' version here.
He gratiously allowed me to take up support and distribution for his scripts.
Requirements: PHP 5.3+

USA NWS Local Storm Report for Saratoga Base-USA templates (and standalone)
Download: (Version 1.04 - 05-Jun-2012, with one PHP7+ fix)

Scott's scripts

Scott of BurnsvilleWeather/WebsterWeather created several popular scripts for Weather-Display/Saratoga template users. He discontinued his script distribution and his weather website in 2018. He has generously allowed me to take up support and distribution for his scripts.
Requirements: PHP 5.3+, Saratoga template, Weather-Display software

Weather-Display Scripts and Graphics by Burnsville Weather Live
Script Name Version Last Updated Download Link
Logfile Error Detect Utility 0.60b 29-MAR-2009 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
320K Bytes-Zip Archive
Alt-Dashboard 6.94 Script
REQUIRES Special ajaxWDwx.js
6.94 23-SEP-2015 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
1.36M Bytes-Zip Archive
Alt-Dashboard 6.95 Script
REQUIRES WD 10.37R Buil 307+
6.95 10-JAN-2016 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
1.81M Bytes-Zip Archive
MOBILE Dashboard 1.9x Script
REQUIRES Special ajaxWDwx.js
1.91 11-FEB-2014 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
101k Bytes-Zip Archive
High/Low/Averages Script
For Ver 3 Ajax-PHP Template Only
3.02 31-DEC-2011 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
406k Bytes-Zip Archive
Large Beveled Current
Condition ICONS
1.00 08-MAR-2009 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
273K Bytes-Zip Archive
Small Beveled Forecast
Condition ICONS
1.00 08-MAR-2009 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
1.67M Bytes-Zip Archive
Fire Danger ICONS
(Contains GIF and JPG)
1.00 01-DEC-2008 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
126K Bytes-Zip Archive
WindRose ICONS
(Contains GIF,JPG,PNG)
1.00 01-DEC-2008 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
694K Bytes-Zip Archive
AQI - Air Quality Index ICONS
(Contains JPG Only)
1.00 26-AUG-2010 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
66.8K Bytes-Zip Archive
Solar Index ICONS
(Contains gif Only)
1.00 19-JUN-2011 Zip Archive DownloadDownload
27.9K Bytes-Zip Archive